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Class 11






P-block Group 13 - Boron Family


In B_(2)H_(6), there is no B-B...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B
Solution : Correct reason : The two-`BH_(2)` units are held together by `B---H---B(3c, 2e)` bond.

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hello students latest look at the question here so here we have to statement given to us for statement says that in b2x sex there is no bolo andheron Bond 2nd statement is that b2h 6.2 price of NH3 adduct on heating gives borazine right so take a question we need to verify that whether these statements are correct or not right so start solving this question was to fall by verifying before statement so it is given that we have to accept that is die brain we don't have any koron koron Bond ok so later analyser To Bura and having the atomic number of 5 has the electronic configuration of 12 and 20 one right now

if you just draw the electron filling diagram of this particular electronic configuration so will have two electrons in its orbital and one in this is the ground state just a try and make the excited state of it then we'll have to promote 1 electron from S orbital 2P orbital so you have one here and will have one and two now if you just look closely this is SP3 hybridization that Boron atom follows right now here we have three unpaired electrons or we can say Boron has three unpaired am sorry 3 valence electron and also has one week in a b k p h b right now one week a b l

means Boron here is electron deficient ok something that we can easily understand here so structure of an atom with hydrogen atom sleep now if you just look closely Boron valency of Boron share so we're talking about this board and its share of electrons with it is left with only one and also it has won we can say we can to say we can say with this one also it has shared it two

electrons with these in the hydrogen so we have normal covalent bond we have no 104 normal covalent bonds and this boron atom again as one weekend your B one electron so what you know what is the structure that we get now we have now a special Bond right with hydrogen we can ask for this also write so here we have two hydrogen atoms they are you know they are forming a special type of Bond Sofia both the Boron atom one coming from hydrogen bond hear this bond that is hydrogen Bridge born for this is called as to electron 3 centred on this bond is

made up of only two electrons because of the deficiency of electrons at Boron atom looking so both are both arms have a shared only one electron in hydrogen has 12 electron 3 cm 3 cm because I know two electrons are initiated between 32 Boron atom and one hydrogen I can say for this particular Bond also so here is a hydrogen bridging born for this is also known as something that this structure the out here we can see a special type of which is a banana Boron atom secondly we have 4 normal covalent born right and the other thing that we can see that we have two

hydrogen bridging Bond ok or we can we have two banana 2 banana wants something something that we can say now let's have a look at the University has given him so that statement is saying that is no Bon bon bon see here that there is no but there is one hydrogen which is forming a bridge between two Boron atom no no Grand Grand Masti have a bridge ok so this particular statement we have to prove that a b

26 price of NH3 attacked on heating gives what is at least as in now is also called as Buddhism and inorganic benzene that Bihar ok write down the preparation third borazine ok which is also called as in organic OK then the wind is called as inorganic benzene because it is pretty much isostructural to organic benzene ok and also I don't have to worry about only have to look for preparation method what do we get

temperature of the gas price of the right 12 moles of H2 is also involved here right now this is only three years these two statements are actually to write how we can understand I hope you a lot

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