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Surface Chemistry


In an adsorption experiment, a...

In an adsorption experiment, a graph between log `(x/m)` versus log `P` was found to be linear with a slope of `45^(@)` . The intercept on the log `(x/m)` axis was found to be `0.3010` . Calculate the amount of the gas adsorbed per gram of charcoal under a pressure of `0.5` atm` .

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : According to the Freundlich equation <br> `(x)/(m)=KP^(1//n)` <br> or log `(x)/(m)=logK+(1)/(n)log P` <br> `:.` plot of log `(x)/(m)` versus log `p` is linear with slope `=(1)/(n)` and intercept = log K <br> Thus, `(1)/(n)=tantheta=tan45^(@)=1` or `n=1` . <br> log `K=0.3010` or K=antilog `0.3010=2` <br> At `P=0.5atm` <br> `(x)/(m)=KP^(1//n)=2xx(0.5)^(1)=1.0`


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question series in exhibition experiment a graph between log expire M versus log it was found to be linear with the slope of 45 degree intercept on the log expire mxs was found to be 0.3010 calculate the amount of the gas absorbs per gram of charcoal under a pressure of 0.5 atmosphere according to its adsorption isotherm expire M is proportional to the pressure raise to the power 1 by x x = 2 ke period to the power 1 by routing log to the both sides log of

expire M equals to log off K + 1 by log of now we can draw the slot written question can be applied that is why is equals to 3 + x x y coordinates log of X by X coordinates log of their the slope is like this and slope equals to 1 by 10 and intercept log of ke now we have given the value of intercept that is 0.3010 interceptors log of equals to zero

3010 we all know that the value of log of 2 is 0.3010 therefore the value of equal to prove that is 45 degree 4 the slope equals to this is 45 degree and slow will be equal to 10 of 45 degree result of 45 degree is equal to 1 if you put these values into the situation aunty hard to find the value of x by 4 log of X by M equals to log off ke is zero point

30101 by N is equal to 1 into log of P and pressure is given to us that is 0.5 the value of log of 0.5 - 0.3010 will be equal to zero therefore the value of x and equals to 10 raise to the power 0 is anything power zero is equal to 1 therefore the amount of a gas absorbs per gram in one

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