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Class 12






The Solid State


In a unit cell, atoms A, B, C ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B

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hair is a question in which in a unit cell atoms a b c and d are present at corner face and body centre and Centre respectively in a cubic cell total number of atoms present per unit cell is option first four option S 850 option 427 contribution contribution contribution of different items of different atoms at corner as corner is 1 by 8 into per atom atoms and fat face Santa Fe centre

that is equal to 1 by 2 into for atom atom has body body Centre that is equal to 1 into for atoms and at its Centre that is equal to 1 by 4 into 4 atom for atoms and we know in a cube in a cube 886 faces one body centre body Centre atom is present

and 12 edges are present ages are present now total number of atoms present in a unit cell that is equal to Z 1 by 8 into 8 + 1 by 2 into 6 + 1 into 1 + 1 by 4 into 12188 is the contribution at corner and 8 corners are present in a cube + 1 by 28 is the contribution at face and six faces are present in a cube plus and one it is the contribution at body and one atom present at the bodies and + 1 by 4 14 it is the contribution at age and 12 others are present in a you

now call me then we get Z is equal to 8 so our correct option is option number S that is thank you

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