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Class 11






Atomic Stucture


In a sample of excited hydroge...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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hello everyone this request let me explain it to you in a sample of excited hydrogen atoms electrons make transition from n is equal to 22 n is equal to a method that strikes on a metal of work function 4.2 electron volt calculate the wavelength in angstroms associated with ejected electrons having the maximum kinetic energy for we will simply use the expression of energy overhead that is 13.6 into Z Square divided by x square y z is clearly the atomic number and n is the number we can say OK you know what will this expression become the know that for the hydrogen atom value of Z is ok and because we are talking about the transition from n is equal to from S energy level 2 n is equal to 1 the electron is making a transition so we can clearly write the formula overhead 1 by x square

- 1 / into square ok if we put the respective values of angle as one 13.6 1 by 1 minus b square that will become so on solving from here we will get 15.6 X 3.3 before the energy from here comes out to be 10.2 electron after calculating the energy level applies the expression of maximum kinetic energy that is equal to energy minus the works function that is given by Y ok energy which is calculated as 10.2 electron volt - work function is given in the question is 4.2 electron volt so it comes out to be 6 electron volt ok now finally we have to report the wavelength so we will uses its expression under root of 150 kinetic energy over hair ok this comes out to be in

so from here if we put the value of maximum kinetic energy is calculated as 6 ok so from here he would be getting the value as Andrew 25 so from heavy blood comes out to be financed from the Sultan Sar ok thank you

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