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Chemical Bonding And Molecular Structure


The space model which is obtai...

The space model which is obtained by joining the points representing various bonded atoms gives the shape of the molecule. The geometry of the molecule is definite relative arrangement of the bonded atoms in a molecule. The shape and geometry of a molecule is explained by valence shell electron pair repulsion theory given by Gillespie and Nyholm. <br> Select the correct code for the following repulsion orders, according to VSEPR theory : <br> (I) lone pair -lone pair `gt` lone pair-bond pair <br>(II) lone pair-bond pair `gt` bond pair -bond pair <br> (III) lone pair -lone pair `gt` bond pair-bond pair <br> (IV) lone pair - bond pair `gt` lone pair-lone pair


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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