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Class 12






The D And F-block Elements


In 3d series , Mn shows highes...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : The maximum oxidation states of reasonable stability corresponds in value to the sum of s and 'd' electrons up to manganese . Total 7 electrons are present in 3d and 4s in Mn and hence it can exhibit maximum oxidation state of +7 .

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hello everyone the question is in 3D series MN show Highest Oxidation State why so many maximum number of Oxidation State because many has atomic number equals to 25 and electronic configuration in 3D 5454 as two three and four are closed in energy in energy so it has maximum number of electrons to lose or share it has Max

number of electrons to share and it shows Oxidation state of from + 22 + 7 Oxidation State from its shows oxidation States from + 22 + 7 is the Highest Oxidation State because it has maximum number of electrons to lose our share as all the 3D electrons are unpaired electron the 3D electron

reason for manganese showing maximum Oxidation state is that that its configuration and this configuration 3D and forest are closed in energy and has maximum number of electrons to lose or share and read all the electrons are and field due to which it can easily form Bond and it shows maximum Oxidation state that is plus 3 audition

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