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If x and y are arbitrary inten...

If `x` and `y` are arbitrary intensive variables, then


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`xy` is an intensive variable. `x//y` is an intensive variable. `(x+y)` is an extensive property. `dx//dy` is an intensive property.

Solution : The multiplication of two intensive properties is an intesive property and their ratio and derivative is also an intensive property.


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are the question is that if x and y are arbitrary intensive variable right so then xy intensive variable the first Pali bit awkward intensive properties of the property of stamp is depend only on the nature of matter and do not quantity of matter it so we can write only it depend only on nature of matter and not on quantity so this property are call intensive property so hair x and y are internship variables that sum of first of all sum of two intensive property it is always the intensive property right so this statement is not correct is asking which one is correct to xyz internship variable through it is a true because a product of two intensive properties always internship to this is correct and the ratio of two

intern property it is also we can write ratio A2 intensive is always a intensive so we can say that this statement is also correct coming to earth Adventures it is incorrect 481 DY DX DY so DX upon DY so this is also a ratio this statement is also correct statement for the question is a b and D thank you