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If x and y are arbitrary exten...

If `x` and `y` are arbitrary extensive variables, then


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`(x +y)` is an extensive variable. `x//y` is an intensive variable. `dx//dy` is an intensive variable Both (b) and (c ).

Solution : The sum of two extensive properties is always extensive while the ratio of extensive properties is intensive and the derivation is also intensive.


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this question if x and y are arbitrary expense extensive variable then we have given with 4 options out of them are correct Pashto policy we have two types of quantities for extensive properties and second one is intensive property extensive properties are those properties which depend on the quantity of matter and intensive properties are those which does not depends on the quantity of matter in the question we have given that to arbitrary constants and boy so let argue it is a type of why because these are the two variables of there is a constant number

cost of policy in first option we are given that X + Y is a extensive properties as us K Y + y which will be come K + 1 into why not even after the recent this quantity depends on the variable bhai so this will depend on the quantity of metals will be extend our option A is correct that X + Y is extensive variable ratio is the ratio of these quantities we will have to put the value here at the place of HP put ky1 why why why didn't you will have a only constant and constant does not depend on the quantity of matter is a fixed quantity intensive again our options

current ratio is intensive property is used in third one differentiation of date with respect to do when you do this the upon the UK will be common and wonder why is one this again cake of Science and constant is a intensive property against here our options is also correct this question of these objects is not correct this question as you see our auction A B and C all the three options at hope you understand