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If w_(1), w_(2), w_(3) and w_(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`w_(1) gt w_(2) gt w_(3) gt w_(4)``w_(3) gt w_(2) gt w_(1) gt w_(4)``w_(3) gt w_(2) gt w_(4) gt w_(1)``w_(3) gt w_(1) gt w_(2) gt w_(4)`

Answer : D
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hi everyone let's take a question here are the questions state if w1 w2 W3 and w4 for an ideal gas at magnitude of work done in isothermal and adiabatic processes that the correct order will be ok so we know that the work done work done is given by the area under curve right area under the ok so here we have the reversible expansion it means if it's reversible expansion than the Delta we will be greater than zero for the expansion Delta V is greater than zero Autograph let's plot the graph for all the four processes but first

so every plot a graph that is PV graph ok so that we will be on the y-axis and volume will be on x-axis now we know that it is expansion Delta be greater than zero to it will show its expansion from vi 12 vi ok because it is greater than zero suppose this point is V1 and V2 ok now the first process let it be ISO bhari process to be ISO Bari now we know that relates to the constant pressure it relates to the constant pressure it means it will be the parallel to the x-axis is it will be parallel to x-axis so if it is our even point and it is easy to sew a h i Sabari kill with this one will be represented as this ok because it has the constant pressure

so it is our ISO ok now second we have ISO Kori second we have isochoric in ISO korak we have Delta V ISO Delta V is equal to zero but here the we have the volume initial volume to be V12 it means that korika will be represented by this point Aisa korika will be represented by this point ok so this will represent our ISO koreke because there will be no change in volume for isochoric process it relates to the Delta V is equal to 0 9 next is our isotherm as we know for isothermal for isothermal H P V graph represents a hyperbola like this kind of hyperbola ok

if I draw a hyperbola so it will also expand in the vi 12 vi to write so it represents our isothermal it represents our thermal now for adiabatic for adiabatic we know that TV is equal to constant ok and it also gives us the hyperbolic curve hyperbolic TV ka ok so for adiabatic also we have the hyperbolic in the graph this one for all the four processes rather isothermal will be upside or whether adiabatic will be outside so how we can know about this we can know about this from the slope of isothermal and adiabatic ok so that the slow

adiabatic slope of adiabatic is equal to the time the Slope of a graph in isothermal in ISO thermal and we know that god is always greater than one is always greater than 1 why it is always greater than one because we know that my is equal to CP and CV CV CP is our specific heat capacity at constant pressure and it is a constant volume and is always greater than CV so our grammar is also greater than one can say that the DP by TV ok for adiabatic that is slope will be greater than the slope of isothermal

ok so now when the slope will be greater when it will be the downside the Eddy isothermal so we will represent our adiabatic here so this will give us our 80ah battery is our at your ok now we have all the four curves for the 411 diagram ok here it is I saw it is isochoric isothermal and adiabatic now we know that work done is represented by area under PV diagram we know that area under the PV curve is Greater for the ISO Bari this whole area for ISO Barik the work done will be greater for the ISO let's write first ISO baraik at first I so

S will be now the second we see the area will be for isothermal disk ISO thermal so it will be ISO Bari isothermal and then it will be for so here and it will be for adiabatic write an area for a better now the last we have is ISO Kori Kori the work done is equal to zero because our volume is zero and here also we can see that it there is no area under the curve for ice core to our last is the work done

thermal adiabatic and aisa koi aisa kis w3w 3w 138 Pata kis w2 and Aisa korika sw4 server correct order is WP greater than w1 and w2 the w&w correct answer is w3w know it is incorrect it is also in correct w3w it is also in correct correct answer is greater than w w w thank you

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