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Jee Mains 2020


If the boiling point of H2O is...

If the boiling point of H2O is 373 K, the boiling point of H2S will be :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

greater than 300 K but less than 373 Kequal to 373 Kmore than 373 Kless than 300 K

Answer : D
Solution : Less than 300 K (factual)


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mobile today's question we are going to discuss about is if the boiling point of this H2O that is water molecules is 373 Kelvin then the boiling point of the hydrogen sulfide will be so Here and Now current to the the to my future a and here is between the H2O and H2S and sulphur both these elements are belongs to which group is it in the oxygen and Sulphur and oxygen and sulphur latest bhoot ine detail about the forces involved in the history of wands and the H2S so the are

the Apple of jocelyn is more there is a power to charge on the oxygen atoms and passed across the charge on the hydrogen atoms nearby hydrogen of one molecule is get attractive eyes are not as a water molecule thereby a bond is formed into water molecule this is far less hydrogen bonding and the sulphur is very less compared to that of the to thereby only due to the size you want the Ash vs moltres get attracted about the held by Wonderwall forces the forces are very weak force and are directly proportional to the size of the molecule that is if more the size or more than enough of the molecule more the Wonderwall forces between the molecules in the

morning is due to the effect on activity but the strength of the hydrogen morning is much more than that of the Wonderwall forces remember that there by water molecules are held Together by the hydrogen bond in the boiling point of these two boys where more than that of the hydrogen sulfide whereas the I don't sirf and molecules are held Together by waterfall forces so there can be easily converted into the gas produced by its boiling point 300 Kelvin this apartment