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If E_(1 )^(0)is standard elect...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`E_(3)^(0) = E_(1) ^(0) + E_(2)^(0)``E_(3) ^(0) = (E_(1) ^(0) + E_(2) ^(0))/3``E_(3)^(0) = (2E_(1)^(0) +E_(2)^(0))/3 ``E_(3)^(0) = (E_(1)^(0)+2E_(2)^(0))/3`

Answer : C

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standard electrode potential for ft2 ft2 + 9 x 4ft 2 + 50 + NH3 is 4 F2 F3 plus then relation between not one not two in O3 will be relation over here we have given that you're not for your ft which is converting it to ft2 plus by releasing to electron it is given that it's not that is not one and a notice for from SC to plus to your F3 plus deliberated 1 electron and that is not to laugh F2 F3 plus that it loses 23 electron that is not 3 now the relation between them we have to calculate that is done by which is equal to minus NFC not if you see why we can't in Atlee not because this is your intensive property and intensive properties are not editable nature by

talking body Delta it is your extensive property which depends upon mass it is additive in nature so we have a relation with your Delta Gyan ine also we can add your Delta G not so from where we can find your not relationship is your number of electrons involved in a reaction f is your Faraday constant if you see it was that we having a p it is a p 2 + B3 + we have given from ft2 ft2 plus from here to there we have given that is not romantic 2 + 3 + from here to there we are having a note to and from here to hear that is from a photographer not that is your no3 you see this whole one that is in O3 which is equal to add this it is equal to this so it is not oneplus in order to now I have told you before that we can't at this

weekend related with your Delta z3 that is Gibbs free energy corresponding to your eatery that is this and corresponding to your not one that is Delta G not one and corresponding to a delta G not to that is in order to that is integer not too if I try to hear that this is for district that is it is minus and if not that is for you not one which is equal to minus it is not this is 3 - and if you're not one plus minus and if you're not to now I'm taking - 5 common over here that this any not 3 which is equal to -1 common it is any not one plus it becomes any note to now we will cancel this from here so we get any Note

3 which is equal to any not one plus any note to over here that this is not read that is over the number of letters in 33 in not which is equal to even the corresponding to this it is to it is to be not one plus any note it that is for this it is one electron was there is one into a note to the relation over here that to in art which is equal to 2 in 1 + 1 is not so this is your option that here it is to not 1 be having fun with having to it is in this option only so what we can write it as a Note 3 which is equal to two not one + 2 upon 3 final answer that is this is your relation between your in 8182 nano3 that she option will be your final answer

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - VMC MODULES ENGLISH Class 12 CHEMISTRY

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