If an element has a low ionization energy then it is likely to be _______ [`"metallic"// "non-metallic"]

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello student this question if an element has a low ionization energy than it is likely to be metallic or nonmetallic here we should know the concept of ionization energy and we go for the solution of the this question let's discuss about what is ionization in simple word we can say the means of ionisation is to remove an electron from the element and energy required for it here we can write energy energy require to remove

an electron from the outermost shell Aur Ho element and this element should be in gaseous isolated gaseous state isolated isolated gaseous Adam so due to this definition we can easily define the character of the element whether it is better LIC or non metallic we know metal has to tendency to

donate electron very easily and they have low ionization energy so we can write here metal have hi tendency Tu release there electrons it means they have Tay hai lo ionization so answer is if an element has low ionization energy then it's likely to be a metallic answer if I hope this question is clear to you thank you

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