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Class 12






Haloalkanes & Haloarenes


If 1,3- dibromopropane reacts ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C

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I want to tribromo propene reacts with zinc and any of the products formed to hear what happened given that is ch2o here ch2 ch2 proc means district carbon it is 123 dibromobut means one woman over here and one over here it has react with using in the presence of your and if you see and atomic number is 11 and it is 1 is to 2 years 22693 S1 which means it is able to do it one electron that any plus plus electron-electron this reaction and distributed over hair like this has happened and electron getdistributor like this here medical hairs 2br and we have for your BR medical medical forms reaction with any and forms and we are now

again what happened this occurs over here and formation of your CS2 heavy having CS2 radical this is your CS2 radical and again your anywhere with remove out this medical medical both get join with each other and formation of your ch2 ch2 ch2 having which is what we can say it is your cyclo prepared from here we get to know that we react to 13 dibromopropane with the link in the presence of cyclopropane will form that is the option will be right answer

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