Identify 'Z' in the given sequence of reaction <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/NTA_JEE_MOK_TST_48_E02_013_Q01.png" width="80%">

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello everyone in this occasion identifies that in the given sequence of reactions let's find out what is the Z direction so we had phenol when phenol react with any OS and along with clch2cooh give X compound and its compound will react with socl2 it will give why then after that it immediately alcl3 then it will find a to z and we have to find out the Z structure of Z so we will react our phenol phenol react with any of the first step intermediate with any OS and it will give because this based display selected this hydrogen and it will give this type of product this type of product it will give you have a minor it was stabilized by and positive and we will get here in the next step it will reacting with s stamp duty act with clch2cooh so here we can say that this

4 actors and nucleophile and it will attack here in this with carbon and as a electrophilic carbon that's why this nucleophile or minus will attack here and this this year will leave from this site because she is very good leaving group and in this side will get our product which will look like this ch2cooh OLX in the next step next step will taking socl2 is taking then what will happen socl2 what it will do it will it will do cooch3 what will happen this year was replaced by CL and we will get this type of product acyl chloride we get here we have to NaCl and then what will happen in the next step it will reacting with a l

33 is act as the it is act as Lewis acid and Lewis acid acid so but it will do it will accept this item and it will form a and what will happen here this here we have in benzene ring in benzene ring there is a Falcon present which type of alkene is there Vishal ki Karbonn Karbonn will act as a nucleophile and it will attack here and this will be a form here this year will be removed out and this year will accept Advisors LLC L3 and we will get there are new product which will look like this error omission of ring will take place and their inspiration or is there a ch2 double bond and inspiration we have attached with carbon all episodes here we have five membered ring is there let's count 1

2 3 4 and 5 so let's join proper way so when we will draw in this manner it will look like we have here we have double bond anything that directly as this type of product this product final product so let match with the options given the question so in the four options we have seen it is matching with his soul rest of his long why because it contains six membered ring option business along the positive control system using letters P why it will not form 6 membered ring let's take a look here so if you want to form 6 membered ring then this Karbonn should be attack in this ka Discover should be attack in India carbon compound then what will happen here that is formed is compound if you want to try this what will happen here it may form this type of structure hay Ch to attach with

and this one from this type of structure so hair this this structure is not stable why because this ring is there this is a bridge during which the bridge Karbonn so you to this very unstable and table that site will not form 6 numbering instead of this it will form the table 56 membering along with five membered ring tone this is our final product so in the options given syndication according to this option speed will be the correct answer thank you

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