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Identify the incorrect match related to structure of given interhalogen compounds.



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Updated On: 4-7-2021

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00:00 - 00:59everyone letter solve this equation equations is that identify the incorrect maths related to structure of given interhalogen compounds option 15 pentagonal bipyramidal option to clf5 trigonal bipyramidal option 3 brf3 benti shape and options for CL 10 question interhalogen compounds are given and their structures are given we have tea we have to find out the incorrect match will start with I F5 if7 so what we will do we will find out the hybridization of central atom that is iodine in this interhalogen compounds that we have the formula by which we can calculate hybridization x is equal to half into V + A minus C where V is the number of valence electrons of the
01:00 - 01:59Intel atom Amazon number of monovalent atoms attached to the central atom so here we have chlorine which is attached to iodine and C is the overall charge on the molecule letters calculate h will be half into in iodine valence electron is 7:00 because it is halogen plus we have 7 monovalent atoms that is 7th floor in which are attached to the central atom 7 - 0 because charges 0 it will be half into 7 plus 71414 by two will be 77 means that 7 orbitals will get hybridize rate so 7 orbitals will be sp3d 32 this will be the hybridization rate according to the hybridization the geometry should be pentagonal bipyramidal so we have Iodine
02:00 - 02:59so it is forming 7 bonds f f and here we have f f f fnf this is the structure which pentagonal bipyramidal wait this is pentagonal buy pyramid it means the first matters correct my right then in second it is given clf5 trigonal bipyramidal calculate hybridisation of PCL5 hybridization and chill behalf in to now valence electrons of chlorine will be 7 monovalent atoms attached to chlorine is 55 lorry and charges 0 2 - 0 it will be half into 7 plus 5 will be
03:00 - 03:59equal to 12 212 26696 orbitals will get hybridize hybridization guilty sp3d to so according to ft3 to the geometry should be octahedral geometry should be octahedral so we have chlorine there are 5 chlorine atoms Tujhe Metro should be octahedral it means they should be one lone pair this is octahedral geometry now when we have to find out the shape but does not consider The Lone pair so it is Octa hedral but its structure will be care pyramid structure is here pyramid right because while finding out the
04:00 - 04:59structure we have to neglect The Lone pair in option to it is given triangle by pyramid so this is absolutely draw this is not triangle by pyramid it is incorrect maths key answer because it is incorrect maths then we are given brf3 benti shape letter cdrf free brf3 now hair hybridization redmi half into valence electrons of bromine is 7:00 we have three monovalent atoms that is chlorine and charges zero it will be half into a 7 plus 31010 by 2 equal to 55 means the hybridization will be sp3d according to sp3d the geometry should be triangle trigonal bipyramidal where we have grown me
05:00 - 05:59right so according to geometry we have only free chlorine atoms it means to will be lone pair its structure will be like this if and heavy get f and here they will be to loan geometry triangle by pyramid due to the presence of lone pair lone pair are there will be repulsion so these two bones that is XL grow a bromine chlorine war they will Bend It is bent p ship it is bent p ship rights of brf3 has been T-shirts with the correct option for it is given clf letter C clf3 hybridization will be half to valence electron will be 7 and 1 mole of monovalent atom that is chlorine is attached to chlorine
06:00 - 06:59so one charges 0 we get half into 7 plus one will be 828 by two will be equal to four hybridization is SP3 hybridization should be SP3 take any of the central atom fluorine or chlorine if it a chlorine so it means that we have one flooring and there will be three lone pair there will be three loan can show it like this right or you can show it like this flooring we have fluorine and chlorine and there is ka on slowly on chlorine as well as on floor in there will be free loan pay hybridization of both will be SP3 structure will be linear structure will be linear it is very
07:00 - 07:59simple right we have only chlorine and fluorine we don't have to consider The Lone pair while determining the structure so it has linear structure is also correct incorrect match is given in option 2 option to is the answer thank you

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