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Class 10






Study Of Acids, Bases And Salts


Identify the acid which matche...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello friends welcome to doubt that this is a question ask in identified which matches the following description for the following conversion and now we have to be given the question that all 1 minutes given to solve the question and we have to find which are using the product title given that SPL will give official 3

write the balanced chemical equation for the system can give to also I will be according to the taking hematite and magnetite right now we got officials from the logic behind this is metal + arrested + H2 gas

the next acid that could be seen if we will go with the carbon and according to the official 33323 this will be the desired chemical reaction takes place in the second now that will be

that we are given by a notary latest using 3 + HNO3 fc302 gas + water balancing it will give this type

the principle behind this is that metal carbonate will always give + 22 + water equation metal carbonate + acid reaction will get a war ABC is a right down what is the name

hydrochloric acid and carbonic acid does thank u

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