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Class 11






Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles And Techniques


Identify electrophilic centre ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

Solution : Among `CH_(3)Hoverset(ast)C=O, H_(3)Coverset(ast)CequivN, and H_(3)overset(ast)C–I`, the starred carbon atoms are electrophilic centers as they will have partial positive charge due to polarity of the bond.

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question is identify the electrophilic centre in the following ch3cho stm32 first of all we see what is electrical we know what are electrophiles electrophile are the teaching teacher electronic loving so either these are deficient of electron so we can say that electrophilic Centre deficient of electrons right for example if you take a first case which is the S3 the now over here we can say that this carbon and oxygen has electronegativity difference of the nation is more electronegative than carbon to electron would be pulling the electrons of the bond to adjust self that is how it can attain it can get faster negative charge it is this carbon would gain a partial positive charge to

because this carbon is somewhat deficient of electrons and has gained a parcel positive charge this Karbonn would be f electrophilic centre in this particular compound then if it is the second case we have PS3 and nowhere nitrogen is electronegative board electronegative and carbon would pull the electrons to itself would gain a person negative charge over hair would attain a partial positive charge this means with carbon atom definition of electrons and hence this problem will be electrophilic centre in the compound we have PS3 I now in case of ch3i Ideas more electronegative it would have a parcel negative blood and Discover Nova hair would have a partial positive charge this is the centre is iodine is more electronegative than carbon would full the electrons to sell this carbon would help build

efficiency of electron and that is how they should be the electrically centre of the compound

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Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - NCERT ENGLISH Class 11 CHEMISTRY

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