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Identify (A) to (D). <br> <img...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : DU in `A=((2xx6+2)-6)/(2)=4^@` <br> (A) reacts with Grignard reagent to give 2 mol of `CH_4`, showing there are two terminal acidic H atoms. <br> (A) on ozonolysis gives four C atoms dibasic acid, showing two C atoms are missing, which are lost as `(HCOOHrarrCO_2)`. <br> Proceed reverse to determine the structure of A: <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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a2b near given a molecular formula ip6s 10 ok so let's calculate the number of degree of unsaturation in the compound a third degree of unsaturation in the compound A will be equal to the number of carbon -10 which number of hydrogen / 22 it is equal to so basically be heavy degree of unsaturation equal to to which implies that our compound contains either 211 Pawar compound may contain 1111

compound MI contain one ring plus 111 Bihar Si possibility letter Pita - structure of the compound A from the reaction to our compound a gift technique acid on ozonolysis so basically it like this PS2 PS2 POS and the remaining compounds can be due to basically which is formed by the oxidation of formic acid because we know that the oxidation of formic acid will give you to ok

this season basically will contain double bond like this we have compound like this ch2 Ch ch2 ch2 double bond ch2 because on breaking them onto this will get this product a compound A is this which is basically ha 15 dyy ok now let us consider the reaction of a with two moles of ch3mgbr so basically on reaction with 2 moles of ch3mgbr it will take out

the Acidic Hydrogen from the compound physical India 2-331 is hydrogen hydrogen discipline ok conjugation to our product will be like this th4 tomorrow CS2 will be released ch2 double bond Ch Ch - Plus Ch - MBA Plus pswc intermediate year and on reaction of the intermediate with B2B will be getting this compound

ch2chcn will be ok because D plus will take to get the Covenant similarly we are having 2D product ok so this complete answer of the question I hope that and myself clear thanks

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