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Class 12






Qualitative Inorganic Salt Analysis


Identify A to D <br> <img src=...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A: `Zn(NO_(3))_(2)` B: `NO_(2)` C : `ZnO` D: `ZnS`

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students in the given question give to identify a to b is a colourless water soluble compound which on heating gives a brown gas yellow Residue on cooling which the independence of Ammonium hydroxide and H2S gas give the white precipitate of to find ABCD the first of all we know that a water-soluble compound which on heating can give brown gas and also give a white precipitate in nh4oh and H2S is a group and cation group third cation salt znno32 it faster first set into plus is a group third cation ok salt

so what zno3 bole to ise is a precipitate in Nickel hydrogen sulphide and Zinc nitrate zinc nitrate will give a brown of Nitrogen dioxide + we will get zinc oxide which is get know and we will get of youngest we can penis erection 5 x 4 near by 2 and hereby 28 of season 10 and 12 oxygen and the reaction is this is over brown guess the compound is zinc nitrate ground S P is NO2

necessity is of zinc oxide ok this is our compound C now we know that zinc oxide paint is zinc oxide on ruling becomes yellow why is zinc oxide over b is NO2 Nitrogen dioxide and a compound is zinc nitrate the last the white precipitate with a gift in the presence of ammonia and hydrogen sulphide is of zinc sulphide ok think sulphide is a white precipitate

yes we will get Ammonium Nitrate OK will get two moles of ammonia is over compound identify all a is ignited b is NO2 gas is zinc oxide and sulphide ore

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