Identify A, B, C, D and E. A while substance A reacts with dilute H_2SO_4 to produce a colourless gas B and a colourless solution C. The reaction between B and acidified K_2Cr_2O_7 solution produces a green solution and slightly coloured precipitate D. The substance D burns in air to produce a gas E which reacts with B to yield D and a colourless liquid. Anhydrous copper sulphate is turned blue on adiition of this colourless liquid. Addition of aqueous NH_3 or NaOH to C produces first a precipitate



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Updated On: 16-7-2021

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Solution :
`ZnS(A)+dil.H_2SO_4rarrH_2S(B)+ZnSO_4(C)` <br> `3H_2S+Cr_2O_7^(2-)+8H^(o+)rarr2Cr^(3+)(Green)+3S(D)+7H_2O` <br> `S(D)+O_2rarrSO_2(E)` <br> `SO_2(E)+H_2S(B)toS(D)+H_2O` (Colourless liquid) <br> `Zn^(2+)+2OH^(ɵ)to2n(OH_2)darroverset(OH^(ɵ))toZn(OH)_4^(2-)` <br> (Clear solution) (C)



00:00 - 00:59hello shouldn't the question is identified a b c d e a white substance react with dilute H2 S o4 to produce the colour and colour IT Solutions the reaction between The Bee and acidified potassium dichromate solution produces a green solution and slightly colour precipitate the substance P was the year 2 producer gas is which reacts with B to e l t and a colourless liquid anhydrous copper sulphate is turn blue on addition of this colourless liquid addition of Aqua Ammonia or nh2cn produces a precipitate so let's see if the chemical reaction the compound A is zinc sulphide this Singh sulphide when react with sulphuric acid that beautiful pura cassette it produce a colour
01:00 - 01:59guess this colour sketches h2se and colorless Solutions which is zinc sulphate is already a balanced equation net the reaction between B and acidified potassium dichromate solution produces a green solution reaction between be that means H2S and acidified potassium dichromate K2 cr2 O7 produces a slightly colour precipitate years three positive S Plus water when we balance this it is less Tashan dichromate class 8 objective science because to balance oxygen there is 7 water molecules are added a tat positive ion and
02:00 - 02:59to chromium this is the green in colour ok and slightly colour precipitate is formed the substance D burns in air to produce kash Ye which reacts with br2 jaldi and colorless liquid sulphur reacts with oxygen to form a SO2 gas which substance and this for the reacts with be that meet H2S to produce Sulphur and water when we balance these hydrogen air to water and sulphur so
03:00 - 03:59this is the compound which is form and water is a colourless liquid then anhydrous copper sulphate is turn blue on addition of this colourless liquid by anhydrous copper sulphate through an edition of this colour is equal to Copper Sulphate anhydrous which is white in colour and one water is added into anhydrous copper sulphate it changes into blue solution because now it becomes hydrous addition of excess Ammonia or NH to see producers of cost precipitate that means that into positive vs negative and positive vs negative produces a first precipitate which is said and H2 and this precipitate
04:00 - 04:59form comes out and this is a balanced equation ok so this is the complete balanced equation in this reaction what happened first there was a compound is this is compound A reacts with dilute H2 S o4 to produce hydrogen sulphide gas sorry a colourless gas and colorless liquid then the reaction between b and b and acidified potassium dichromate takes place and a green solution is produced this is the green pollution and coloured precipitate the is formed after that the substance the burns in air burns in air and formation of SO2 takes place and further these reactions proceed and at last formation of this think Hydroxide precipitate if

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