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Class 11






Organic Chemistry Some Basic Principles And Techniques


(I) CH_(3)-CH_(2)-CH_(2)-CH_(2...

(I) `CH_(3)-CH_(2)-CH_(2)-CH_(2)- overset(overset(O)(||))(C )-H` <br> (II) `CH_(3)-CH_(2)-CH_(2)- overset(overset(O)(||))(C )-CH_(3)` <br> (III) `CH_(3)-CH_(2)- underset(underset(O)(||))(C )-CH_(2)-CH_(3)` <br> (IV) `CH_(3)- underset(underset(CH_(3))(|))(C )H-CH_(2)- underset(underset(O)(||))(C )-H` <br> Which of the following pairs are not functional group isomers?

Text Solution

II and IIIII and IVI and IVI and II

Answer : A::C
Solution : (B) (II) `CH_(3)-CH_(2)-CH_(2)- overset(overset(O)(||))(C )-CH_(3)` is ketone. <br> (IV) `CH_(3)-underset(underset(CH_(3))(|))(C )H-CH_(2)-underset(underset(O)(||))(C )-H` is aldehyde <br> but, (II) and (IV) are not positionisomer but they are group isomers. <br> (D) (I) `CH_(3)-CH_(2)-CH_(2)-CH_(2)-overset(overset(O)(||))(C )-H` is aldehyde. <br> (II) `CH_(3)-CH_(2)-CH_(2)-overset(overset(O)(||))(C )-CH_(3)` is ketone. <br> Both are group isomer. (III) and (IV) are not position isomer <br> (A) (II) `CH_(3)-CH_(2)-CH_(2)- overset(overset(O)(||))(C )-CH_(3)` is ketone <br> (III) `CH_(3)-CH_(2)-underset(underset(O)(||))(C )-CH_(2)-CH_(3)` is ketone <br> Both are same 5 carbon containing ketone so they are position isomer, but not group isomer. <br> (C ) (I) and (IV) both are aldehyde but not position isomers. The branch is present in (I), so (I) and (IV) not taken as position isomer. <br> Inshort, (I) Aldehyde (II) Ketone (III) Ketone (IV) Aldehyde <br> (A) II, III- They are not group isomers <br> (B) II, IV- They are group isomers <br> (C ) I, IV- They are not group isomers <br> (D) I, II- They are not group isomers

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