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Class 12






Jee Mock Test 5


Hydroboration oxidation and ac...

Hydroboration oxidation and acid hydration will yield the same product in case of:

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

<img src="" width="30%"><img src="" width="30%">`CH_(2) = CH_(2)``CH_(3)CH= CH-CH_(3)`

Answer : A


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hello student the question has hydroboration oxidation and acid hydration will kill the same product in case of a b c or D sledge discuss this for lizard hydration so all these are talking sweaters considering alkene are Ch double bond ch2 when it reacts with water president of Asian vindicating alcohol what happens during this reaction is if there is any symmetrical alkene is present then we'll be getting only one product but is any unsymmetrical alkene is present then we have to follow mark of Nicco

latest which will be present where there is more number of carbon atoms latest discuss the next hydroboration-oxidation svizera also alkene William Wordsworth DS3 integramicro Pura H2O to

this reaction which will help us to see you again only symmetrical alkene is present only one kind of product but if it is unsymmetrical alkene then it will follow anti markovnikov rule that is veg less number of carbon atoms let me give an example for clarity so examples are to so this is the case of symmetrical alkene to win the symmetrical can react with BHK in H2O to invest - will be getting primary alcohol similarly when it is it

catalyse in presence of water will be getting a primary alcohol but when any unsymmetrical alkene is taken it is added to it in presence of tetrahydrofuran at first and then H2O is added then we'll be getting a primary alcohol it will follow anti markovnikov rule but when it is acid acid catalysed in presence of water then we'll be getting secondary alcohol distinction mark of the question says we have to get the same product so for same product in both these actions have seen it should be symmetrical ki so let us consider the options now showing first option we see that this is the things so it is not symmetrical as many parts then we cannot see this methyl group at present at this position it is not symmetrical so it won't give the same

it is and unsymmetrical alkene give the same product when both these reactions occur but in the second ke so when we can this item to this money by Sakte this this way than we can see the ch3ncs 3 present at this position and I will reflect so this is symmetrical alkene cycle get the same product when it is hydroboration oxidation occurs your Racer hydration occurs in this case also this ch2 ch2 it is symmetrical song this is also ke hydroboration-oxidation as well as their hydration in the last days we can see that this Ch this carbon as decided and hydrogen in the ch2 CH3 it is also symmetrical alkene so it will give

so it will also give it to Pareshan oxidation and reduction and utilise the same product in this case a b c and d will kill the same product when it reacts when it reacts with hydrogen oxidation or reason hydration thank you


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