Hydrazine reduce Fehling's solution to form: <br> (a). `Cu(OH)` <br> (b) `Cu_2O` <br> (c). `CuO` <br> (d). `Cu+O_2`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Solution :
b. Fehling's test redueces CuO to red coloured `Cu_2O`


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hello student the question is hydration reduces fehling's solution to form CU CU 2 o u o Copper and oxygen stunning solution contains and 24284 + copper to positive and its running solution is used to distinguish between early height and Ketone Ketone but when it reacts with some aldehyde likes RCH then see two positive attitude and it gets converted into cu2o now when hydrogen also reacts with cl2 for the tips I am send it converts AC to go into sorry see you to positive ions into cu2o and the cu2o I am copper oxide ions are actually red in colour

red precipitates are formed so the answer will be second aldehydes and hydrogen converts copper to positive into copper oxide

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