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How would you prepare dihydrog...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hi everyone let's take a question here the question is how would you prepare dihydrogen from the acids describe its laboratory preparation ok so here dihydrogen is our dihydrogen is H2 when hydrogen exist as a diatomic molecule ok so we have to see its preparation by using the acid ok so dihydrogen can be prepared from the H2 s o4 for HCL ok bye the reaction with the zinc granules Zing granules and this is its laboratory preparation method ok but when we use H2 S o4 it should not be concentrated by because if concentrated H2 S o4 reacts with zinc granules it will form the Sulphur Dioxide gas instead of the H2O ke so first reaction is zn + H2 s o4

we have the formation of znso4 + H2O ok so here we have the dihydrogen ok so here what happens is this zinc to znso4 shows the oxidation it shows the oxidation because here we it here zinc loses its electrons to form the znso4 it can also be written as zn + 2 h positive and here we have that into + + H2 and this shows the reduction this shows reduction hair what happens hydrogen gains electron and it is reduced to the H2O ok so this is a first reaction and if we write the second reaction in the second reaction vs zn + here it is dilute ok zn + to HCL and here we have zinc chloride + H2O

ok so here also what happens is zinc is zinc will undergo the oxidation zinc will undergo oxidation because here it loses electron and we know that oxidation is that when there is a loss of electrons ok so here it gets reduced it gets reduced to the H2 because here we have the reduction here we have the reduction in case of these both reactions are the process to produce H2 in the laboratory ok so we can use HCL or we can use for B S 2 S o4 should be dilute form because if it should not be diluted in the dilute it will form the SO2 gas ok so this is our answer thank you


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