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Some P-block Elements


How would you prepare carbon d...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone let's talk to you question the question is how would you prepare carbon dioxide in the laboratory describe its acidic nature and reaction online water what is photosynthesis we will start by the preparation of carbon dioxide which is CO2 acid with carbonate suppose we are taking hydrochloric acid it will react with calcium carbonate to form equal to form calcium chloride + water + CO2 gas therefore carbon dioxide gas

easily prepared by reacting acid carbonate now discuss whether carbon dioxide is acidic or basic ok now never be dissolved carbon the water forms 234 we can say that carbon dioxide is we need to tell its action on the lime water

carbon dioxide to form water formed is a white precipitate so we can stay Karbonn lime water milky beauty the formation of this white precipitate of calcium carbonate then we need to discuss what is photosynthesis photo synthesis is basically a process carried out in green plants to prepare their food

green plants photosynthesis convert light energy which come from the sunlight ok the reaction for photosynthesis this can be written as to which is carbon dioxide + 6 H2O molecule reacts in the presence of chlorophyll chlorophyll green colour green plants which is the site for the photosynthesis

sunlight is essential to form C glucose + molecules of oxygen 4 photosynthesis process we are converting which is light energy into chemical glucose glucose molecules supply energy to the plant


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