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How would you prepare acetylen...

How would you prepare acetylene from `CaC_2`


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restaurant consider the question how would you prepare AC talent from CST to so if you're telling you know that is Italian triple Bond Ch formula 32 S2 Pro from calcium carbide it can be prepared by the hydrolysis of calcium carbide that is used to when it is hydrolysed we get we get to see 22 + calcium hydroxide because it has

yah to plus this is the any compound and and P2 - series 22 - when water molecule is reacted with water that is as Plus and minus 2 moles of h + 2 mole of h + is reacted with C 22 - zp2 H2 and cl2 + that with rigid CA price squad AC tiling Aisi time table styling this is calcium hydroxide this is the

preparation of acetylcholine is it Island from calcium carbide thank you