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Organic Chemistry


How will you distinguish betwe...

How will you distinguish between alkanes, alkenes and alkynes?

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hi everyone let's take a questionnaire the question is how will you distinguish between alkanes alkenes and alkynes have to discuss these three terms and their difference in between like how we can distinguish between alkanes alkenes and alkynes has been know that the three-hour hydrocarbon hydrocarbon hydrocarbons ok having the presence of ch4 having the presence of Ch discuss all these three terms one by one first we have LK we have is alkane ok alkanes have single bond between carbon and carbon atom draw one example for it so that will be like this ok so here we will have at

advocate for Carbon we need for bonds as it is a tetravalent atom to here we have the C2 H6 then it is our it is our alkane mind the formula then it will be cnh2n plus can verify also how we will verify here we have carbon atoms to H2O + it means it forms seat at 6 ok this is the general Formula for alkanes and alkenes are saturated hydrocarbons and saturated hydrocarbons are those which have the single bond ok which are the single bond so this is what we have for LKG now let us discuss about the alkene

our alkenes alkynes are those which have at least one double bond at least one double bond have like it was a single point where it will be C double bond example here to hydro right because to bonds are already there so it will form c2h general cnh2n the general Formula will be cnh2n for the alkene ok can be verified here we have to carbon atoms c2h 2 into 2 is equal to c2h this is our alkene this is a general formula for the alkene and these are on

hydrocarbon and saturated a dose of the double bond and triple let us discuss alkine sunao water alkenes alkynes are those which have triple bond at least one was here I was having double bond write in first when we were having single so here I have triple now will be the case here are the right one here to know the valency of carbon is complete it mean c2h to the general formula is cnh2n -2 sylheti whether it is verified or not

carbon atoms c2h -2 that is c2h means the general Formula for alkynes and it is also a type of unsaturated hydrocarbon hydro Garba we have distinct on the basis of their property that is your general formula and different on the basis of this is our single this is double and triple


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