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Class 12






Aliphatic And Aromatic Aldehydes And Ketones


How will you convert ethnal in...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello everyone let's start the question at the following compounds to find convert into 10 13.2 in Newton to carbon in diode so we have to use the condition in which we can find carbon with the original that is ch3cho react with it formed by reaction action we know that is

because we convert into album in the formation of Duty 12 butane-2 in l solution with carefully in second part CH3 again we have to follow option that is any ok with compound 3 Ch ch2

and when it is dehydration with H2O gives required compound bute 2 in 1 and last last in which acetaldehyde reacts with dilute and save option ch3cho u c h o and further dehydration between same Grade 2 in that is 3 ch3cho we have to find

carboxylic acid so it will be react with tollens reagent that is easy and a call to ladies tollens Reagent it gave will be converted into carboxylic acid by oxidation in present world product

Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this chapter - CENGAGE CHEMISTRY ENGLISH Class 12 ALIPHATIC AND AROMATIC ALDEHYDES AND KETONES

Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - CENGAGE CHEMISTRY ENGLISH Class 12 CHEMISTRY

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