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Class 11






Structure Of Atom


How much energy is required to...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : The expression of energy is given by, <br> ` E_(n)= -(2.18xx10^(-18)Z^(2))/(n^(2))` <br> where ,S <br> Z = atomic number of the atom <br> n = principal quantum number <br> For ionization from ` n_(1) = 5 "to" n_(2) =oo` <br> `DeltaE = E_(oo)-E_(5)` <br> `[{-((2.18xx10^(-18)J)(1^(2)))/((oo)^(2))}-{((2.18xx10^(-18))(1)^(2))/((5)^(2))}]` <br> ` ( 2. 18 xx 10^(-18)J)(1/((5)^(2)) " " ("since "1/oo = 0 )` <br> `= 0.0872xx 10 ^(-18) J ` <br> `DeltaE= 8.72 xx 10^(-20) J ` <br> hence , the energy required to ionization from n = 5 to n = <br> ` oo is 8.72 xx 10^(-20)) J ` <br> energy required for `n_(1) = 1 "to" n = ` <br> `oo` <br> `DeltaE' = E_(oo)-E_(1)` <br> `[{-((2.18xx10^(-18))(1^(2)))/((oo)^(2))}-{((2.18xx10^(-18))(1)^(2))/((1)^(2))}]` <br> ` (2.18xx10^(-18))[ 1-0]` <br> ` 2.18 xx 10^(-18)` <br> hence m less enengy is required to ionize an electron in the 5th obital of hydrogen atom as compared to that in the ground state.

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hello the question is how much energy is required to a nice hydrogen atom if the electron occupied and evolve it compared answer with the ionization energy of hydrogen atom energy required to remove the electron from the end or ok so we have to compare the energy of the and 5 orbital with the and one orbital energy for and one orbital is equal to 13.6 electron volt and now we have to find the energy for the fifth shall perform it so it will be the formula is -13.6 upon and Square that is -13.6 upon 5 year so it will be 13.6 upon 25 after solving this value we get -0.5 4 electron put now we have to

go this particular value is in the electron volt form but we want this value in the juice from that's why we will convert this value into joule form that is minus zero point - 0.544 into 1.6 value of 1 electron volt is equal to 1.6 into 10 raise to power minus 19 and we get value of minus 8.1.7 1 into 10 raise to power minus 22 now we have to compare these two values energy in the fixture and energy in the one Orbit energy in the 5th orbit is equals to minus 0.544 and energy in the one orbit is equal to 13.6 so after following this equation this value we get 0.2 this is the are complete answer

compare this to send you I hope you understand this thank you very much

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