How many valence electrons do the atoms represented by following Lewis structures possess? <br> ` overset(**) (Li) * overset(**)(B )* : overset(** ** ) O : underset(** **)overset(** **)(Ne ): `

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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the question is how many Valence Electrons do atoms are represented by the following Lewis structure was so here we are given with the Lithium in case of lithium atomic number of Lithium is 3 that means it will have one as two and two s18 Valence Electrons is one that needs Lithium shows one valence electron OK when we talk about the Throne in case of this was what Lithium in case of Boron atomic number is 5 that electronic configuration will be 1-22 S2 two point that means it will have three Valence Electrons 123 total three valence electrons are there after that we have oxygen in case of oxygen its atomic number is

8 the electronic configuration is given as 22 X 22 p topi 4 have total six valence electrons of these are the valence electron and total number of oxygen is 123456 it will show 6 Valence Electrons and in case of neon atomic number of Neon is 10 that size electronic configuration will be one is 22 years to toffee 6:00 that means it will have total 8 electron in the valence shell so when we draw the structure of neurone in case of neon there are total 8 electron in the valence shell

12345678 it will have total a 12542 understand this thank you very much

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