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How many position isomers are ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B
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Pawan Singh question how many position isomers are possible 553 which can show the first of all the structure of the structure of trichloroethylene there must be three chlorine atoms at this position manchurian chlorine atom is there at this position when chlorine atom is there and actress position when chlorine atom is this is an example of 123 123 trichlorobenzene it need to show geometrical isomerism in order to show geometrical isomerism carbon cannot have both the chlorine atom right is important it mean to say that it can show the medical Zameen

single carbon atom cannot have both the green products cannot be at the singer carbon atom to definitely at different habitats including will be attached to this is the first structure of you want to draw the second structure let's see how the second structure will look like in order to get the position I was just you need to change the position of the else if you keep this position of CNS speed then you can have any you can keep this position as also faced in here you can see there will be uploading this is another type of position in wind to write 123 this is why 24 position structure know you have established a position now let's see what is the next position if you have chlorine at this position right at this position and if we

the chlorine is at this position will it satisfy you can say this will be wearing this will be to this will be three years will be for this will be five yes it is 125125 position now you have attained this now structure year and other sites that have made anything to say that now the clothing is like this and hear this can be you can see how you will name Discover 233233 taken 123

draw any structure like you have grown in here you have clothes in here and it's your answer 1 2 3 4 into 4 into 4 of the structure with winter we have to take now that you have total possible isomers sb-33 total isomers position isomers showing that is geometrical isomerism is equals to 3 then you can see this thread as a place of geometrical isomerism

333 S options of right here to is correct we have understood thank you

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