Updated on:30/05/2023

How many no. of σ-bonds are present in H2SO4 ?


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we have to tell that how many number of so so if you look at the structure of sf4 structure of like this is also the mondo and hydrogen is left are single I wanted to hydrogen oxygen is the structure of a Chhori casset the bonding structure of health education so oxygen as 6 outermost electron so it is just to elect to Form 112 lone pair so
we see that there are 1 there are 12844 Sigma bonds are present that is more single bonds are aur single bond single bond consists of sigma bond we have more Singham on our Bond from single now we have to the one we have you ever want to show our 21181 Vinod 811 consists of one sigma bond and 15 Wan also has a 16115 sunao Tera
upon coming from our turn on the total number of Total count for sigma bond account that it wants from your finger to Quantum Tower counter sport plus we have fixed so there are present in the molecular compound

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