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Class 12






Nta Jee Main Test 07


How many groups are ortho/para...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : 6

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hello everyone in this question you to identify the groups from the given at which are of them through para directing otha para directing groups are those group which are electron donating group or which increase the electron density at a para position constructive benzene and it is bordered with a n t is going to be will be

if is more electronegative than being electro negativity of a is more than electro negativity of which means the group will be electron donating group or para directing group but if the electronegativity is less than electro negativity of catchment group is electron withdrawing group that is both para deactivating aur

method group meta directing group its focus on the example the first option is first option is NH 2 nitrogen in Bond with hydrogen hydrogen is less electronegative so it is electron donating group second option conh2 this carbon is burnt into benzene and this Karan is bonded to oxygen this oxygen the sources is more electronegative than carbon filter is electron withdrawing group third option is nitrogen double bond oxygen there is phenyl that is benzene ring this is oxygen is more electronegative than nitrogen electron

withdrawing group the fourth option is c o c double bond oxygen Oxygen and hydrogen here also it is electron withdrawing group now let's see the next option the next of it that is his option is ch2o and CS3 it is bonded with hydrogen and it is gold with carbon carbon carbon sim electronic it will be electron donating group through hyperconjugation while the 6 function is 6 option is nitrogen double bone nitrogen and S2 are also both have same electronegativity and their way to benzene schedule also be electron donating group now let's talk about

the next option the next option is s36 option is ISO 27000 so3h oxygen oxygen hydrogen double bone oxygen as we can see a sulphur is bonded to more electronegative this is be this is a so it will be electron withdrawing group now the last date for option that is Oxygen C double bond oxygen and 3A means methyl group discovered oxygen is bonded to carbon carbon is electronegative Sudheesh Oxygen will donate electrons it will be electron withdrawing sorry electron donating group so how many of the electron donating 8 first first electron donating S is not

heard is electron withdrawing 4th electron withdrawing 50 electron donating electron donating seventh electron withdrawing and donating so out of them only four groups are electron donating group or weekend airport to Para directing group thank you so much

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