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Class 12






Chemical Bonding-i & II


How many equitorial bonds are ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : 3
Solution : `PCl_(5)` has trigonal bipyramidal shape including 3-equitorial and 2-axial bonds.

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Sohar question how many equatorial bonds are there in PCL5 are the planar Bond present in the structure of the atom Tekken hybrid I it is defined as mixing of the atomic orbital energy distribution of energy give the formation of aur Pita complicated let's try to understand it in a simple way to find average of molecule

first of all we have to know the phone number of valence electrons in case of a number of monovalent atom present + number of anion - number of it and this is a formula that having atomic number is 15 and its electronic configuration will be used to having 5 as a balance electron putting all these values in this case we will get what if we are having PCL5 is a monovalent atom

9 and 10 by 25 number 5 number is known as Number 3 now if you haven't seen the speaking tree will get admitted as a geometry geometry of PCL5 will be the Phosphorus is attached with chlorine chlorine in a plane the Phosphorus attached to one is about

big red is planar or you can also say it is equatorial and where both the green and clean it is known as soon as having three chlorine chlorine which are present at equatorial position it was clear equatorial bonds with Phosphorus structure it is having 123 tutorial how many gods are there in PCL5 it is three equatorial and axial bonds have been asked about the quote

I hope you got my point thank you

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