How is liquid -vapour equilibrium attained in a closed vessel.


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ok so hello everyone out this question is that how is liquid vapour equilibrium attained in a closed vessel water bottle a how is this liquid vapour equilibrium attained when we put some liquid in a closed vessel understand this with diagrams itself so let's begin so we have taken 3 containers and letters feel a volatile liquid for example it is fill water in itself Sofia basically the same container observing in a different time so initially there is only liquid with only water presents with me right as well where is water present in easily and a person almost negligible so they are not they almost not there with time what happened this thing that what are the volatile liquid it starts evaporating and therefore water vapour set to gas is also available what happened this diesel liquid water
TSA water right H2O liquid form along with this we have a few papers as well write properly basically Ladai shaadi Zara water vapour under 10000 H2 gas share so that time we can see that the gaseous quantity of water vapour will increase with time at the quantity of liquid will decrease and the quantity of papers will keep on increasing after certain time time will come when the gases of the water vapour have been formed in such a quantity that there is no room for more water vapour to become the condition is known as liquid vapour equilibrium latest draw that conditioner 3rd ke section
to this is are H2O liquid advocare Bihar H2 gas at this condition what happens when whenever this H2 gas convert Stewart you at to a liquid the same amount of H2O liquid will get converted to H2 gas this particular condition is known as I did that it as well so basically we have H2O liquid in equilibrium with H2 gas let me the process of condensation and evaporation still taking place in liquid over here is still converting to gaseous and get over here is getting contents in coming back to liquid but this is happening at equilibrium latest the amount of
the reaction the amount of physically the quantity Chin is same as that is why it is known as liquid vapour equilibrium and this is what happened and what is attend Computer Solution thank you

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