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How is equilibrium attained in...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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ok so hello everyone know this question over here says that how is equilibrium attained in a chemical reaction why is the chemical equilibrium said to be done in reversible became the first part that is how is equilibrium physically attend so for example latest every action witches a + b giving me C plus t a letter the reaction is reversible as well so initially let's say we have the quantity of PNB to be completely hundred percent so that time what will happen the quantity of CNT will increase let me right select equal to zero we have 100% BS hundred percent Endeavour 2010 after sometime what will happen is

it right at equal to get the quantity of A and B are produced to 75% and 75% ante enti Vikram 25 25% this is what happened so what will happen this not this time since I was getting a reversible as a side A and B have CMD slowly slowly this action will start moving backwards what will happen as this reaction which was previously only forward Villa slowly start moving backward with more time passing out let me right equal to T2 Swasth T1 Katrina we have 50% if 50% be 70% cotton 30% is that as the equilibrium is attained what will happen distance the quantity of ND captain decreasing and C

and D cut on the quantity of handicapped on decreasing and quantity of CMD kept on increasing so what happened the reaction slowly started a reversible reaction also started and with time when CMD and NB both of them reached a point where equilibrium is attained basically have just taken figures with you are for convenience otherwise it may vary according to the quantity or regulations in which they are acting so with this attain this a proper equilibrium will get in that is reversible reaction and Irreversible reaction beautiful simultaneously adult equal it basically quantity of forward and backward reaction releasing reaction is attained basically as soon as the products keeps on increasing the reactant reaction becomes loan department and reversible reaction products were higher than the same will be true for the opposite

of equilibrium is attained physical quantity of one side caption decreasing and the other side increases and hence s r this could be altered with certain parameters as well but we are not getting into that because we have just abhi Jaisa total how to attend this is the first part 2nd part is why is chemical equilibrium said to be delivered with just now discuss that change the address continuous process that we write its not discuss that since the quantity of products in this case verdict leasing and that is a reactant and product for increasing this for this is this process captain happening and when we attend equilibrium over here even after that the reaction is light reaction is Akram reaction has not stopped to hear the reaction is still

taking place a plus bi still adding up to give me and even after time t is equal to T2 vennikulam 13 a + b into X + B and C plus 20 reacting to give a + b basically at equilibrium what is happening is that both the reactions are taking place at a same rate so because of which are not seen change in quantity but the reaction is the locking it does not come came to US and that is why we call letter dynamic action because it never stops it keeps happening physically we are not we are not able to see you are we are not able to notice direction but it is still happening that is the reason why it is known as dynamic action so with this be completed in at solution thank you

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