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P-block Elements


How dould you account for the ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello friends welcome to dotnet this is a question asking how to account for the following the stability of plus 5 Oxidation State decreases down the group 15 of the periodic table 15 that it is nitrogen Phosphorus and reinvestment rate wishes for kurtis asking by the stability of plus 5 audition date stability of plus 5 audition decreases stability of this Oxidation State increases down the group when you move download show

the reason is related to it is actually the reason is inert pair effect what does this please give 15 more download round group link

N F block block f orbital orbitals increases building washing powder increase Ling Pro fielding throw to know what is shielding shielding is actually you have some electrons present vice president of medal and award to the same as the four eyed comfortable they do not want to give it in

want to come today will provide a repulsive force of attraction down the group increase on configuration they will be more DN write like a light that never know what happened and petals Delhi

just like I want to any electron to go there just want to come this is very less than as this is the Shivling power of orbitals and Quantum electron easily come patients oxidation number electron

element is electropositive electron atom will always remain will always try to take care I want to give electron site and want to give electrons that is by positive charge from inside reduces the oxidation number


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