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Solid State


How do metallic and ionic subs...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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Solution : Metallic solids are conducting due to electrons and ionic solids due to ions

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answer question given how do metallic and ionic metallic and ionic substances and conducting electricity conducting electricity according to the concept of metallic solid metallic ok iron atoms iron atoms are bonded through metallic Bond in iron crystal in the iron crystal ok iron is one that will be the iron if free electrons with free electrons that will be the sea of electron ok iron metal metallic solids have free electrons free electrons is known as sea of electrons in their

metal atoms 3 electrons ok this is the coronavirus kernel and that will be known as sea of electron free of electrons due to presence of free electron or known as of electrons that will be the conductor that will be the conductor when we apply electric field all electrons move towards the electric field when we applied electric field electrons move electric field it conduct electricity so so it conductor conduct electricity ok but in the case of any sort of Clans but

in the case of an effective Hair N + 3 - NaCl ionic surfactant plus minus A minus Sin A + Sin A minus Sin A + hair and A Plus serial minus any Plus serial minor in the NaCl structure are bonded to a strong covalent bond strong strong electrostatic force NaCl is bonded to a strong strong electrostatic force electro static force install electricity strong electrostatic force but when metal ionic substances in the molten form but in the molten form molten or across page

Aqua ok I am have ability to move ions have iron have ability ability to move so that will be the conductor that will be conductor OK so how so that the substance have differ in conductor conducting electricity conducting thank you


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