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How do metallic and ionic subs...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : Conductivity of mentals is due to the free electrons while the conductivity of ionic substance is due to ions present in the solution.


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question given here's how do metallic and ionic substances differ in conducting electricity show the metallic and ionic compound metallic substances today conduct electricity in the solid state due to the mobility of electrons in the solid state their conductor to their conductors in in solid state due to the mobility that is movement mobility of electron is there a metal atoms or they have mobility of as the movement of electrons right but if we talk about the ionic compounds and substances are ions between them if there

is a mobility of hands only then they can conduct electricity in solid state in solid state ionics of stanzas do not conduct electricity do not conduct electricity as there is a restriction of movement and the letters so they are very closely packed and so they do not conduct electricity electricity in solid state but in Malta 9 Aqua state Malton or Aqua state they conduct electricity conduct electricity to every see here in the picture given so ionic substances I am are moving freely in and conducting electricity in the molten or Aqua solutions as there is a space between them so there is a movement the mobility of iron trade it in the solid state as we can see the Crystal cannot move that in the fix letters and ions cannot move in the solid state so there is no

conduction of electricity in the sky and conduction of electricity in this case and vcvc the metallic bonding and can move freely along the sample is there are electrons between the specific so they can help in conduction of the electric this is the reason thank you


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