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Here is an electrode reaction...

Here is an electrode reaction <br> ` Cu to Cu^(2+) + 2e^(-)` <br> At which electrode (anode or cathode) would such a reaction take place ? Is this an example of oxidation or reduction.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello Google show the question is saying there is an electrode reaction in which year is giving you to plus plus software electrons so much a reaction take place and it is this an example of oxidation reduction restart we have reaction reaction give CU is creating to YouTube plus plus two electrons right in the given reaction oxidation number a bit awkward oxidation number of copper oxidation number of copper increases from 20 to 28 022 lifecare Corporation number of copper is zero and the oxidation number is to oxidation number increased right and oxidation takes place in Hindi talk about oxidation of

oxidation takes place in electrolysis and oxidation takes place at anode lead in electrolysis of tradition takes place at anode show the correct example is at which electrode anode or cathode we have its anode this reaction take place and this example of Oxidation reaction

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