Herbicides & insecticides that miss their targets & travel through air form which of the following type of non-viable particulate pollutant ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Aaj Kuchh Nahin Sabhi site and insecticides that meet their target and travels through air from which of the following type of non viable particular for local first win over the what is particular Tulu 10 minute solid particles liquid droplets in air it is of two typist is viable particular pollutant S is non viable particulate pollutants in viable particular the viable particle like bacteria algae extract present these are the minute living organism that are dispersed in human that are dispersion atmosphere and non viable particular is that may be classified into their on the basis of nature and size first option is better option for

smooth particular particulates consist of solid or mixture of solid and liquid particles formed during combustion of organic matter example here cigaret smoke cigarette smoke smoke from Burning of fossil fuel gadi dry leaves oil smoke except for one is not correct option second option is just does a composed of fine solid particles it produced during crushing grinding and attribution of solid particle examples from sandblasting cement and fly ash

from factories does trauma acceptor third option is missed missile produced by particles of train accident and by condensation of vapours another example is Herbicide insecticide Sector 3 is the correct answer of this question 4th let's discuss both options also fumes of tail by condensation of vapour during sublimation boiling and several other chemical reaction example here metal organic solvent except option 3 is the correct answer of this question

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