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Half life of 90Sr is 6.93 year...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : 23.03

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history question half life of Strontium 90 also written as SR 19 but the question to half life of Strontium is 6.9 in a child's body 190 cm in place of calcium how many years will use its concentration find assume the metal letters have complete I have been given in it and we have been provided the Half-Life open

number tool in a child's body instead of calcium we have replaced it with 1 mg of 9 so in that case we can say that the initial amount which has been to is 1 million how many years will it be a factor has been to reduce 90% 50% would have been 0.5 90%

0.1 MG so this was written to 50% how much day show that it would become 0.1 mg this value 0.1 is the final amount of nuclear details will always follow the first order that we

have a positive is equal to one upon ke that Siddiqui constant Ellen Show 30 equal to 1 upon ke how is ke and related he is equal to 0.93 this is just so that we can fit in the ratio fit but be warned 0.693 natural logarithm can be converted into 2.3 or concentration of a note that is going to be instead of writing this

you could simply put it in this manner not is 1.0.12 the what is ji han was already given and that is 6.9 into 2.3 not into law and what one point and give me 10 in points in 21 and which is nothing but 23.0333 take to reduce 1 kg of 90 and 23 points 0 3 is the answer to a question 3.03


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