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H_(2)O(l) rarr H_(2)O(g), Delt...

`H_(2)O(l) rarr H_(2)O(g), DeltaH = +40.7 kJ` <br> `DeltaH` is the heat of ……………..of water.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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1 hour liquid as to admin spotted undergoing a transition or we can we change in it which is the gaseous form basically what we call the heat detector in this case so what Queen here is our as two liquid which is water getting converted to steam basically so here it is the process then we can see that the page change taking place phase change or transition is taking place more we can say spicely frequency of the can say that the what

kind of phase transition taking place the vaporization taking place the reproduction is taking place Prosenjit position in the evaporation process for heat of vaporization PC connector he accompanied when 1 mole of the liquid is undergoing the transformation to Vapour please such that the temperature remains constant for the process to basically what what is fill in the blank is heat of vaporization

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