H2O and H2S, which one has higher bond angle


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hello everyone so the question is saying that H2O and H2S right which one has a point and then so ever talked about both of them it so bond angle of H2O it is actually a larger it is actually larger because even talk about oxygen and sulphur because the gift of the latter here we are having in case of H2O structure is something like this and similarly in case of H2S we will observe some thing like this structure so only can say you can say that oxygen is more electronegative bright electronegativity oxygen is more electronegative than that of sulphur therefore Bond pair of will closer to oxygen it so it will be closer to Oxygen and there will be more Bond pair and Bond pair repulsion between Bond pair of
which Bond played one pair of 2 h Bond that so what we can say we can say that comparatively H2O is having larger bond angle

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