`H_2(g) + 1/2 O_2(g) to H_2O (l), DeltaH = - 286 kJ` <br> `2H_2(g) + O_2(g) to 2H_2O (l), DeltaH = …kJ`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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ab question is hydrogen and oxygen are reacting to give water delta H for this reaction is -2 86 kilo Joule and the second equation is to hydro power station is reacting to give to water molecules delta H for this reaction Delta Sorry Bache Ki Loge to be need to complete this blank now we can see that this particular reaction how we are getting this reaction by multiplying this equation with to write how we will try this we have hydrogen and half of oxygen it is forming what is first equation and then we are multiply in this equation with two right now what we are getting to hydrogen Lakshman oxygen is coming to water molecules bride-to-be are getting this required equations were required equation and we are getting this by multiplying first to

right by multiplying first reaction with two we can say that suppose this is a reaction is delta H of the reaction is two times the delta H of a reaction rate and we know the value of Delta Air which is given to us -28 we can find the delta H value for our second equation to be what do I into minus 286 kilo joule to watt -57 to Delta ADC value that they were asking comes out to be -72 kilo this is our answer so over here will write - 57

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