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H_(2) gas is mixed with air at...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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2900 K`2900^(@)C`2917 K`3000^(@)C`

Answer : C
Solution : If the process is carried out adiabatically and isochorically, <br> `DeltaU=DeltaU_("heating")+DeltaU_("298 K")=0` <br> or `DeltaY_("heating")=-DeltaU_(298K)` <br> `=int_(298K)^(T_(f))n SigmaC_(v)dT=+240.60" kJ mol"^(-1)` <br> `SigmanC_(v)=n.C_(v(H_(2)O_((v)))+nC_(v(V_(2(g))))` <br> `=(39.06+2xx26.40)=91.86JK^(-1)mol^(-1)` <br> by using the value of `SigmanC_(v)` in the above equation <br> `(91.86)(T_(f)-298)=240600"J mol"^(-1)` <br> `T_(f)-298=(240600)/(91.86)=2619K` <br> `T_(f)=2619+298=2917K`

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hi students today we will learn about H2 gas is mixed with at 25 degree centigrade under a pressure of 1 atmosphere and exploded in a closed vessel the heat of the reaction H2 + O2 gives H2 at constant volume delta you 298 K = 2 - 24 0.600 joule mole inverse and TV values for GS paper 1 and 2 in the temperature range 29812 in and 3200 K R 3906 joule Kelvin inverse mod in and 26.4 077 inverse mole inverse respectively that Roshan temperature under a diabetic condition is so if the project is carried out on a diabetic Li and I think

that is that is Delta you equal to Delta u heating data you 298 K equals to zero or else we can write Delta u equal to heating equals to minus Delta u 298 Kaling so we will get integration 298 k final temperature and submission of PV =

224 0.60 kilo Joule Mol inverse so sum of and TV equals to and see H2O Plus ncv and tow equals to 91.8 K in word Mall in word so bye using value of some and TV now equation we can write 91.8 3

into final temperature minus 298 equals to 24000 Mall in work we will get final temperature that is 2917 cal ok thank u

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