`H^(+)` ion concentration of water does not change by adding: <br> a.`CH_(3)COONa` <br> b.`NaNO_(3)` <br> c.`NaCN` <br> d. `Na_(2)CO_(3)`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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hello h + Ion concentration to does not change by adding which of the following is value of 7 that is why we call it as the neutral in nature and neutral salt in children of age when it combines with of these that is strong in ok so it is a salt of weak acid and strong base we can see that the salt a basic salt and will be having PH value that would be more than this is not the atomic is pH should be provided with sodium nitrate

the combination of traffic signals from the song that would be formed is neutral in nature all the Plus sign will be neutralized by the which it will not be changing the pH of water 7 now let hall to check the option of the sea that is given to a sodium ok so what salt is given to us and AC and opening it down that it is a salt of any such that is a gana strong and just like

its pH will also be more than this for last option that is given to and what kind of ages and check what is the solve.net to strong it is this is there

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