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Class 8






Carbon And Its Compounds


Graphite is soft and slippery ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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everybody today question is graphite is soft and slippery and a good conductor of electricity by sofas will see why graphite is stopped to graphite is soft biggest of intermolecular and intramolecular forces that we have a having a week for the molecular forces they are called Wonderwall forces the basically we can terminate it is stopped it is right is slippery

layers of carbon atoms graphite is a hexagonal structure which it has this structure and 8.1 inch vertex of the hexagon is a carbon atom now in 3D structure of it there is another layer between below this one is just an it is coinciding it is above it and then there is another layer below with this structure the structure of graphite is a layer it is not read it is not like a rigid structure and a network it is basically a layer to one another on the link below the Slayer have two layers that makes very slippery it is made up of layers of carbon atom

that makes it slippery I have taught to soft layers stacked on you can see reduced to software can glide Electra Glide very easily really not that it is asleep because of this layer that is it ok so that's often has also contributed to the most another thing is that it is made up of carbon in one atom of carbon compound button graphite every carbon is connected with 33 Kannada there is going to be it has a four electrons in its valence shell to it needs for to commit is Octane to get it electrons but it only in Graffiti only combined with 3 ka winner takes it all have their own for electron in the valence shell has 44

it combines with these three making 3 covalent bonds and this one is left over to the leftover electron it contributes to the electric conductivity because this electron will move it is a freely free electrons is what this is a free electron is a free electron electron has their tendency to move heaven and Earth movement can cause electricity electricity why electricity is a moment of charge and discharge can move with graphite conduct electricity it conducts electricity because of the free electron is it a lot of carburettor instrumental is again going to combine with three only one is going to be another another 2-3 and this one

leftist left over for free electron with millions of electrons in a graphite is a good conductor of electricity

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