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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hi everyone let's equation in the questions given with one cell representation and we have to identify in which of the following condition working of cell takes place ok we know that you want to sell to work than ever ecell should be equal to the positive the positive value of ECS the first letters write the cell is given in the creation and that is CTS is to cl2 gas and here it is P1 pressure is 2cl negative to see one ok and here it is CL negative to see me 2 and cl2 gas topi to that is another pressure we can see that undergoes oxidation and reduction write the first letters write the reaction for oxidation no of flour for the oxidation of chlorine we

have 2cl negative is to cl2 + 2 electrons to hear it will be a not we will put their way to remember that this is called the anode cathode we know that reduction takes place with these two Electrons + cl2 let's put her cat hosi and it will b2cl negative see the overall reaction overall reaction will be it is that is to see and negative and not + cl2 Cathode is 2 CL 2 and + to see and negative this is our overall reaction from here we can write the Q value we know that you is equal to Products upon the reactants and it includes the concentration and the pressure ok so here it will be c and negative square for cathode

into the pressure at and here we have taken square because her Coefficient is it will be CL negative square into an Orphan into the pressure at this site here it is anode and cathode and here is the coefficient is to square that we are given the value for the concentration at cathode and anode and the pressure in the cell representation then the value that an Odyssey 1 P1 and at thoda tc-22 ok at the thought it is C2 and P2 so here it will be seatu square into it will be P1 upon C1 square into p22 this is our kyu h q ok now

SRP standard reduction potential is same in the cell because anode and Cathode is same cause anode and Cathode is same as it is taking place for chlorine only our value for each cell is 0 A cell is equal to zero in this case sorry not cell value because we know that you're not cell depends on the Knot of cathode - in or out of a not so in this case of a unit cell is zero the help of equation we have the value that is cell is equal to in not sell minor 0.059 Lok you ok sunao substitute the value of e not sell in this so it will be zero -0.05 9.2 because in this reaction

can we have the transfer of two electron two electrons right involvement is there of two electrons and we have the value for queue V substituted the value that is to square into p18c 1 square into P to write so this is a virtue that the said we want the cell to be working we need this value to be positive we need this value to be positive right so when this value will be positive it is minor 0.059 Akon and we can also take journal case and log but let's put it here too because you already have the value of AC to square into P1 accountancy 1 square into p22 because it is here it is negative and ever and value is positive

positive we need the log to be negative log value to be negative so when the log value will be negative when hear this whole term will be less than one school town Delhi less than one right when this whole value will be less than one so let's take condition ok if he has C1 is equal to C2 vs C1 is equal to see to then what will happen this will be cancelled out remaining is P1 and P2 so we need the P2 to be greater than the 31 ok we need the P2 to be greater than p-12 S first case will be no in the second case it will be given is equal to P then it will be TP it will be cancelled out to hear it will be C2 and even then what will be there we need C1 to be greater

H S case you can try out by putting up the values also if the denominator value will be greater and the numerator value will be small then only you will get the value hair less than one and then our love will be negative so it's there we have the two cases in first case 31 is equal to see to then but P2 greater than 31 second is free 1 is equal to P to an even greater or less so in the first case Bihar Stephen greater than C21 is equal to be to this is correct then it is incorrect because if even will be greater than P2 than our log value will not be negative If here it is C2 greater than C 1 and 1 is equal to P to it is also wrong right smaller than smaller and P2 and C1 is equal to see it is our correct

answer is one and ok thank you

Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this chapter - NARENDRA AWASTHI ENGLISH Class 11 ELECTROCHEMISTRY

Click here to get PDF DOWNLOAD for all questions and answers of this Book - NARENDRA AWASTHI ENGLISH Class 11 CHEMISTRY

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