Given the following standard heats of reactions: <br> (a) heat of formation of water `= -68.3 kcal`, (b) heat of combustion of `C_(2)H_(2) =- 310.6 kcal`, (c ) heat of combustion of ethylene `=- 337.2 kcal`. Calculate the heat of reaction for the hydrogenation of acetylene at constant volume and at `25^(@)C`.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Given that <br> (i) `H_(2)(g)+(1)/(2)O_(2)(g) to H_(2)O(1),DeltaH=-68.3kcal` <br> (ii) `C_(2)H_(2)(g)+2(1)/(2)O_(2)(g) to 2CO_(2)(g)+H_(2)O(1),DeltaH=-310.6kcal` <br> (iii) `C_(2)H_(4)(g)+3O_(2)(g) to 2CO_(2)(g)+2H_(2)O(1),DeltaH=-337.2kcal.` <br> we have to calculate `Deltamu` for the equation, <br> (iv) `C_(2)H_(2)(g)+H_(2)(g) to C_(2)H_(4)(g),Deltamu=?` <br> `C_(2)H_(2)` in eqns. (ii) and (iv), and `H_(2)` in eqns. (i) and (iv) are on the same sides, whereas `C_(2)H_(4)` in eqns. (iii) and (iv) is on opposite sides. Thus applying [Eqn. (i) +Eqn. (ii) - Eqn. (iii)] we get <br> `H_(2)(g)+(1)/(2)O_(2)(g)+C_(2)H_(2)(g)+2(1)/(2)O_(2)(g)-C_(2)H_(2)(g)-H_(2)(g) to `<br> `H_(2)O(1)+2CO_(2)(g)+H_(2)O(1)-2CO_(2)(g)-2H_(2)O(1),` <br> `DeltaH=-68.3+(-310.6)-(-337.2)` <br> or `C_(2)H_(2)(g)+H_(2)(g) to C_(2)H_(4)(g),DeltaH=-41.7kcal.` <br> `DeltaH` is the heat of reaction at constant pressure and to calculate heat at constant volume, we determine `Deltamu` by using equation, <br> `DeltaH=Deltamu+Deltan_(g)RT...(Eqn. 8)` <br> `Deltan_(g)= "moles of gaseous product" - "moles of gaseous reactant" ` <br> `=1-2=-1` <br> `R=0.002kcal//K// "mole" ` <br> `T=(273+(25)=298K` <br> Thus we have, <br> `Deltamu=-41.7-(-1xx0.002xx298)` <br> `=-41.104kcal.` <br> [Note: if the heat of reaction is given in kj, R should be taken as ` 8.314xx10^(-3)kJ//K// "mole"` ]


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